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"Without the project management and communication expertise of Alexandra in her role of Office Administrator, life would have been much less bearable. Always the professional, she interacted with the 1,000+ participants of the career center with patience and style, who ranged from senior executives to seasoned trades professionals. I could confidently rely on her creativity and accuracy to meet the demands of communication materials and announcements." - Charlene Holsendorff , Career Center Manager, Right Management

"Alexandra has stepped into the breach many times to help us out with content that we urgently needed. Each time she delivered very creative material within our tight timetable, and her work was totally compatible with the brief that we gave her. I would highly recommend her in the context of creative writing." - Mark Shelmerdine, Owner Strategy+ Capital Partners, LLC

"Heartfelt words are Alexandra's playthings. They delightfully stream across the pages with her wit dotting the i's and her wisdom crossing the t's. Her depth and range of personal growth and spiritual knowledge, gleamed from years of study and self-discovery, make her writing a joy to read, touching your heart and expanding your mind." - Lauren Graham, Personal Growth Coach

"Alexandra is able to take my jumbled thoughts about what I want to communicate, and turn them into perfect print. I greatly value her uncanny ability to listen to me; understand my intentions, then use words to accurately express the message I want the reader to comprehend." - Shirley Ayers, Director Marketing & Community Impact, Martindales Natural Market

"In reading Alexandra’s writing, I find my mind and heart opening to hear what she has to say. I am interested in reading the works that she is reviewing. Her words and spirit remind me to do something. She has a clear and delightful way of relaying her ideas and I find myself re-reading what she has written in order to think about her ideas more carefully. I truly enjoy her writing and also her way of presenting herself through her words as an aware and active writer, moving though the world with an open mind and interesting point of view." - Paulette Terrels, OBT, Massage Therapist, Yoga & Meditation Instructor, Workshop Leader