The Pieces (to get your wheels turning)

Articles . . . Blog Posts . . . Book Projects . . . Broadcast scripts . . . Class Outlines and Handouts . . . Event Presentations and Handouts . . . Instructional or Training Manuals . . . Letters or E-mails . . . Newsletter Items . . . Promotional Materials . . . Speeches . . . Web sites . . . Welcome Packets . . . Workshop Plans and Materials . . . Marketing Plans . . . Internal Communications . . . Policies and Procedures

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   Any writing project you can imagine!

How it Works

Tell me what you need, how I can help, what you currently have, where you are in the process. After our initial, no-cost consultation, I'll send you a price for the project. You'll send me whatever materials you already have. Or we'll work together (through calls and e-mails) to get your project off and running!

   I am happy to read your publications or books for free! 

The Services (you may choose any combination)

Consulting Services are based on $40.00 per hour.

Writing and Editing Services are based on $50 per hour.

    Get my special Once Over Lightly treatment
complimentary with any other service!   

My Once Over Lightly Service

As a client of UpWrite Words, you are entitled to this complimentary service. Within my schedule, I will read, proof and offer general comments on anything you've written under 1000 words.

The Fine Print

An initial deposit will be required of new clients, based on the scope of the project. Payment in full must be made within 30 days of invoice. If travel is required, you will receive an additional invoice for expenses. For your convenience, Pay Pal payments are accepted.

   Let's get started now!    

If you have a project you’re eager to get started on, if you would like to ask questions, offer comments or discuss ideas, call or e-mail me. See the Mailing list page.