Spiritual Growth Resources


Content - I can write a variety of materials including articles, Blog posts, comments, social media updates, website content, white pages, training materials, etc. I can produce these fast and accurately, giving you a steady stream of words. Check out a few samples below:

The Rise and Fall of the Record Business - I wrote this article for “B” Magazine published in the Fall 2009 issue. I met with five legends of the record business in Philadelphia. The group spread three decades and had stories to tell!

Corporate Newsletter Article - This is an article I wrote on an event that my group hosted.

Carlton Daily, Massage Therapist –The first phase of UpWrite Words catered to the alternative health community. This is a web site page I did for a most amazing woman!

Technical - I can write easy-to-read manuals and understandable polices. Translating the complex to the simple and making the outflow of information more digestible for your audience. Below are a few samples of this:

Procedure - As a technical writer, I learned the value of brevity and how to work within a tight structure. This is a procedure I wrote while working for a well-respected financial corporation. Behold, an abbreviated procedure.

Manual - I've written several manuals for various job titles. Here's a page from one.

Marketing - This, to me, is about using words to tell your story.

Newspaper Article - This was a piece I did for a local author.

Real Estate Sell Sheet - A promotional sheet to be left in the home for potential buyers.

Ad and Brochures - Some recent work I did for a marketing company 's client.

For Fun

The Fountain Pen – This is a handout I especially like, which I wrote for a spiritual retreat for writers. It is my ode to the fountain pen.

Rock n' Roll Novel - The first chapter of my novel, The Easy Road.

Gotta Have Some Chocolate! - A little piece for a hospital Wellness newsletter.

To get a taste of who I am and what I'm about, read my Blog, The Positive Slant.