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Love Letter

These are pieces from my files, revelations collected over the course of my 20+ year study of personal and spiritual growth. They have been updated with current insights and offered as letters to all who walk this path. Check back often as these change frequently. (See the Handouts page for affirmations and chants that came from these revelations.)

Where Did You Get the Notion?

My Dear, I just wanted to ask ~

Where did you get the notion that everyone else is right and if you don’t agree with them, take their word for it, you will be wrong?

Why do you think others’ opinions define you? That everyone else knows better what’s good for you?

This is all about inadequacy. You think you’re not enough of something. That you don’t have enough. And you can’t trust yourself enough.

The truth is you can Believe, Understand and Trust.

Believe that you are good enough, no matter what others (or even the evidence) may say.

Understand that there is always enough and there are forces working for your good.

Trust that you can do whatever it is you may need to do.

Don’t forget these things!

All My Lovin’,

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