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Alexandra's Journey

I started my career as a writer after college, in the early eighties, writing articles and profiles for local and regional publications. In between, I took secretarial jobs for an array of individuals and small businesses. This work kept me flexible and supported. I learned much about anticipating needs, serving others, organizing and adapting. With a deep passion for music, I worked in recording studios across the country, watching, serving and helping with marketing and promotion.

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Wishing to do more, in the nineties, I worked for the American Red Cross in the Marketing Department. Through the Red Cross, I met with a therapist who opened my eyes to the fact that I was creating my life and therefore had the power to change it. She introduced me to Alan Cohen and his wonderful book, "The Dragon Doesn’t Live Here Anymore." She brought me to the Jeff Salzman's Self-Empowerment tape series. From her encouragement, I read “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho.

So, began my Journey on The Path. She taught me to draw out my feelings and about Unlimited Thinking to help define what I truly wanted – in my working career, my life, the whole picture.

It wasn’t long after that I had the opportunity to live an abundant lifestyle, without having to support myself, for the first time since I left my parent’s house. I think of it as the Graceful Years, but it was more like four years of schooling. No longer living within a tight budget, I bought books. Lots of books. I discovered people like Sanaya Roman and her book, "Creating Money," Maria Nemeth’s "The Energy of Money," SARK and her delicious series of books. Shakti Gawain and her "Creative Visualization." "The Mythic Path" by David Feinstein, Ph.D. and Stanley Krippner, Ph.D also changed me.

I found Natalie Goldberg, Anne LaMott, Brenda Ueland and Julia Cameron to show me the way in my writing life. I went to workshops and took classes. Working with several coaches, I was able to accelerate my growth. I met the woman who is still today my Teacher and Dear Friend. In between regular shiatsu treatments, Paulette taught me things like Lovingkindness and the Power of Now. I also visited with a woman whose practice was Women’s Spirituality. Cherie suggested the "Conversations With God" series. Reading those books changed my thinking from wondering if there really was a God looking out for me to finding Him as close as my next breath.

As the Graceful Years came to an end, I was facing the working world once again. I had learned much and solidified Writing as my path, the vehicle for My Purpose. I ended up doing public relations in the Real Estate business. I wrote ads, created promotional materials and wrote articles. It was a creative time and I gained valuable knowledge of business from some savvy agents.

UpWrite Words was born on my birthday 2005, with the purpose of supporting good causes with my upright words. It was built on the promise of the Buddha’s Discourse on Love, The Metta Sutta, which says, “She who wants to attain peace should practice being Upright, Humble and Capable of using Loving Speech.”

Using UpWrite Words, I wrote press releases for a local natural foods store, organized a training manual for a massage therapist, co-wrote a few books, and composed articles on various alternative health modalities.

In August of 2006, I accepted a contract position as a Technical Writer, writing procedures for an international financial company. It was a great place to expand my writing tools, sharpen my interviewing skills, and instill more discipline and economy into my composition. It also offered the practice of working within a firm structure, keeping a consistent tone, honing an attention to detail and instilling a passion for clarity.

Today, I am honored to serve some amazing spiritual teachers. There is still a coach by my side. I belong to several fellowships of writers that I treasure deeply. And I have an incredible and ever-growing support team. I look forward to serving more and more people with my words.

~Alexandra Coulter

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